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    We are Xavier China. We make personalised bone china tableware.


    Personalise your plates

    With Xavier the Friendly Boar or your own design.

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    How to throw the perfect dinner party

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    Crest it!

    Make your coat of arms sing for its supper.

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    Beautiful bone china

    Hardy and elegant bone china will always be the best kind of tableware.

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    As seen in

    Personalised tableware

    Personalised tableware

    Xavier China specialises in personalised fine bone china dinner sets. 

    Design your own dinner service, or decorate Xavier plates with a family crest, inital or drawing. 

    Xavier Collection

    Xavier Collection

    Our first collection is designed to be plain or personalised. 

    Choose from six beautiful colours in varying borders - beautiful on their own or ready to be customised. 

    Wedding China

    Wedding China

    Use your wedding stationery to create bespoke bone china for your wedding or for you gift registry.


    From the Journal

    • April 06, 2020 The Bloody Virus
      The Bloody Virus

      We do hope that you and your family are well. Our thoughts are with those affected by Coronavirus. At this time, the primary concern must be everyone's health, and like most companies we have had to change the way we work.

    • February 06, 2020 The Two Josiah Spodes
      The Two Josiah Spodes

      Josiah Spode I perfected two very important products in the development of English ceramics: underglaze printing on earthenware; and fine bone china - a very practical and beautiful porcelain. His success owed much to the marketing genius that was his son, Josiah Spode II. 

    • January 09, 2020 Ceramics: a glossary
      Ceramics: a glossary

      The science behind ceramics is not for the faint-hearted. In fact, we dare you to open up the Wikipedia page and get through the first sentence without resorting to a dictionary.

      Here we offer a brief glossary that explains why porcelain isn't pottery and bone china isn't 'real' porcelain. Confused yet? Read on. 

    • November 08, 2019 Xavier China: the best bone china dinner plate sets, made in England
      Xavier China: the best bone china dinner plate sets, made in England

      Nothing makes food look more tempting than presentation on a beautiful plate. Even a boiled egg and toast can look sophisticated on an elegant bone china plate. When it comes to buying a set of dinner plates for yourself, there are four key things to consider: price, occasion, numbers and material.