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Coming soon: the Wilding Collection

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Coming soon: the Wilding Collection

Launching on 19th October, the Wilding Collection is Xavier China's first specially-designed range of bone china tableware.

The collection celebrates the rewilding movement across Britain and heralds the return of six keystone species once integral to the British countryside but sadly hunted to extinction. 

With six stunning drawings by the British artist, David Urmston, the Wilding Collection celebrates six unique creatures: the beaver, boar, wolf, lynx, white stork and auroch.

Drawn in a simple pen and ink style, the collection includes six line drawings in three beautiful colours inspired by nature (Forest Green, French Grey and Red Earth).

The Wilding Collection pudding plates will be the perfect accent pieces to sit alongside the Classic Collection, enjoying the same traditional shape with a matching hand-painted border.

The Wilding Collection will not only help to revive the beauty of one of Britain's greatest manufacturing stories, but a percentage from the sales of this collection will be donated to the Beaver Trust, which contributes to beaver reintroduction projects.

Rewilding is all about setting nature free: to allow natural processes to shape land and sea; to repair damaged ecosystems; and to restore degraded landscapes. By putting nature back in charge, rewilding reduces the need for human intervention, and offers improved resilience to environmental challenges such as flooding or drought. 

Keystone species are critical to the survival of the other species in the system, and though sadly hunted to extinction in the past, each of these animals has an important role to play in the restoration of our natural landscapes. 

Xavier China is proud to support the Beaver Trust by donating a percentage of all Wilding Collection sales to their inspirational work.

Read more about the Beaver Trust here

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