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Inspired by British nature


Six bone china pudding plates elebrating the lost species of  the British countryside.


When you buy from Xavier China you are supporting traditional pottery skills built up over generations of hard work, ensuring they too don't go extinct. 

Display your wares with pride, knowing that everything has come from within a 10-mile radius in historic Stoke-on-Trent. 


Every sale will generate a donation to the Beaver Trust - a wonderful charity that is passionate about bringing the beaver back to Britain. 

Read more about the Beaver Trust - and the magic of beavers - here


Elegant, ethical and inspirational - keep the conservation lively by telling the story behind these six brilliant beasts. 

A perfect Christmas present for all sorts of humans, big and small. 

Set of six Wilding pudding plates


Charm your guests with tales of the white stork and eager beaver, miraculously making their way back to British shores after centuries of extinction... Learn more

Buy individually or 

as a set of six...

Gift Wrap

Found the perfect Christmas present?  Let us know and we will put some extra sparkle into your gift wrap.


Most importantly, the fine bone china Wilding collection pudding plates are dishwasher and microwave-safe. 


Wilding pudding plates work wonderfully with the 

Xavier China Classic Collection.

Made in England

Xavier China tableware is exclusively  made in Stoke-on-Trent, England using historic skills and materials.



    Beaver dams and ponds filter out pollutants such as agricultural chemicals, and provide nurseries for invertebrates, fish and amphibians. Nearby clearings fill with wild flowers, attracting insects and birds.


    Beaver dams hold back silt that locks up carbon, while the huge amount of new plant growth also forms a carbon sink.


    Beaver dams and pool systems slow the speed of water flowing through the system and prevent flooding downstream.

As wildlife numbers continue to plummet, we need to find ways to restore nature and protect our valuable ecosystems. 

One way is to slow the flow in the rivers and streams, and this is where beavers can help.  Beavers build series of dams that filter out pollutants, reduce flooding, store water in pools for times of drought, and attract a huge host of other wildlife.


The Beaver Trust helps communities to welcome beavers back to Britain. They work with landholders, fishers, farmers, foresters, conservationists, government, communities and families to share knowledge and inspiration.

Get involved with their work by visiting their website today. 

Listen to The Lodge Cast 

A brand new podcast from the Beaver Trust! As beavers make their way back to Britain's rivers, explore the state of nature in the UK with Eva Bishop and Sophie Pavelle as they interview special guests and tell the story of the beaver.


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