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About Us

About Xavier China

Xavier China is here to revive the beauty of fine bone china for modern family living.

Bone china is not only the most elegant and translucent type of porcelain, it is also the strongest and hardiest, which may explain why your grandmother’s wedding china is still in the cupboard. Bone china is more difficult to chip than other kinds of porcelain, which makes it perfect for day-to-day living.

We started Xavier because we wanted to bring a great English invention back into family kitchens and dining rooms. There is lots of beautiful pottery, earthenware and porcelain in the shops, but very little bone china. 

Our china can be put in the dishwasher, and unlike antique bone china, you can buy a replacement whenever you need to.

Bone china deserves to be restored as the timeless queen of porcelain, adapted and restored to complement other modern homewares.


Xavier China specialises in personalised fine bone china tableware and dinner sets. We can use the design from your wedding invitation, or your family crest to create dinnerware that is unique to your family. Alternatively, we can recreate a beloved family heirloom so that your favourite dinner service with missing bits can once again be put to use. 

All our non-gilded products are dishwasher and microwave safe, and made from fine bone china 100% made in England.

Read our Bespoke FAQ to find out more. 

Fine Bone China

Fine bone china, invented and made in England, is the perfect canvas: translucent and snow white, yet strong and resilient. It is hard-wearing and dishwasher-safe, maning it can be used everyday, adding delicate sparkle to your cupboards, table and dishwasher.


Made in England

Everything at Xavier China is 100% British-made.

Our fine bone china dinner services are made using traditional methods in Stoke-on-Trent, England (aka ‘the Potteries’) where bone china was first invented by Josiah Spode. Production methods have barely changed since the 1790s when they were first developed through trial and error.

The recipe for ‘fine bone china’ contains at least 45% animal bone. It is this ingredient that gives bone china its particular strength and translucency when combined with Cornish clay and Geldspars.

Our Collections

Xavier China bone china tableware is made in the same shapes and sizes meaning you can mix and match the colours and patterns to your heart's content. Our first dinnerware collection, Xavier, sets the scene with six vibrant colours in a variety of border styles and gilding options.

Create your own bone china dinner service, mixing colours and borders with and without gilding. If you're looking for something really special add a personalised touch to your tableware with a crest, monogram, initial, coat of arms or drawing.

Over time, we will work with artists, illustrators and designers to create new bone china dinnerware designs to suit every occasion, from Christmas lunch to Sunday brunch.

Bespoke and corporate orders are more than welcome. Please get in touch and we will create a unique bone china dinner services that puts your dream on a plate.


Fine bone china dinner services may not be vegan, but they are very sustainable.

Bone china dinnerware is less easy to chip than other kinds of porcelain, and very strong despite it’s fragile beauty. In fact, your bone china dinner service will probably last multiple generations, and reused again and again.

Finally, Xavier China tableware is made to order meaning there is zero waste, and all our products and packaging are produced, decorated and packed within a two mile radius.