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Coat of Arms or Crest

Coat of Arms or Crest

European families have been decorating pottery with coats of arms since the Middle Ages. When porcelain replaced metal as the favoured material for elite tableware in the 18th century, armorial porcelain became very popular. 

The traditional shapes in the Xavier China collection suit armorial dinner services very well. From a glamorous crest in the middle of the plate, to a more discrete crest on the 'shoulder' the possibilities are endless.

At Xavier we are happy to help you to recreate a much-loved historic pattern or to design a brand new family heirloom. The design team will examine your crest and redraw where necessary, and ensure that colours are picked carefully and accurately. 

Gilding is a popular addition for more formal dinner services and we can add gold touches to the crest itself for an added bit of sparkle. 

How does it work?

  1. Send us the details of your desired coat of arms, including a scan of the artwork if possible (the College of Arms will produce an excellent small watercolour of your crest for about £150 if requried)
  2. Choose what border and gilding options you would like. 
  3. Xavier China will provide a detailed quote based on the number of colours, gilding options and types of ware you would like made as part of your dinner service.
  4. Make your order and receive a stunning handmade dinner service within six to eight weeks. 

We guarantee your plates will attract gushing praise from guests envious of your historic family treasure! 

Interested in ordering a bespoke collection with your Coat of Arms or Crest? Click here to contact us directly.

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