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Restaurants and Hotels

Bespoke china for your guests

Our china is elegant, long-lasting and timeless. It is also made in England, and reflects all that is best about British heritage, hospitality and trade. 

Crisp white plates with discrete logos let the food do the talking, while vibrant colours in simple borders can add a splash of colour to your chic dining room. 

Most of all the elegant touch of bone china will transform your beans on toast from a lumpy British dish into a luxury classic - British heritage at its best. 

We would be delighted to work with you to make sure your restaurant or hotel has all the china it needs to serve its guests with style and practicality. Our plates chip less than porcelain and will sit lightly on the table, and we will use your branding values and logo to create a design that is unique to your establishment. 

Click here to contact us today to discuss designs, prices and delivery dates.