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Shapes and sizes

Matching shapes for a layered look

All the collections at Xavier China can be mix-and-matched thanks to their matching shape and sizes. 


The Xavier China plates are made in England using a simple and traditional moulds that are elegant and timeless. 

With a circular centre gently sloping up to a raised rim and smooth edge, Xavier plates act as the perfect canvas for any design, or look beautiful in plain white. All plates are marked with the Xavier China stamp on their base, and we are happy to add a personal message or date to this marking. 

Xavier China mugs are straight-edged with a clean elegant handle, that go well with our plates for breakfast and tea time. 


Xavier China plates and bowls come in the five different sizes that make up a traditional dinner service: 

  • Charger plate - 32cm
  • Dinner plate - 26cm
  • Rimmed soup bowl - 22cm
  • Pudding plate - 21cm
  • Side plate - 16.5cm

For a straightforward kitchen set, we would recommend: 

  • 6x dinner plates
  • 6x pudding plates (for toast, salad, fruit etc.)
  • 6x soup bowls (for cereal, curry, soup etc.)
  • 6x mugs

Other shapes

It is possible to provide other shapes on order. Our factory can produce demitasse coffee cups, platters, tea pots, tea cups and saucers and more. Please get in touch with any specific requests and we would be happy to do our best to source the shape you need. 

Minimum orders

We have a usual minimum order of six items per order, but this is flexible depending on the type of order. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.