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Bespoke dinner services were once the exclusive preserve of royalty, but not anymore.

At Xavier we specialise in bespoke dinner services.

We would love to work with you to create a new set of china that is as unique as your relationship.

Why buy off the shelf when you could use the artwork from your wedding invitation or family crest to create something spectacular?

From discrete monograms to dancing monkeys, nothing is too difficult. Our factory in Stoke will use the finest materials to create a dinner service to last a lifetime - and longer.

Xavier means 'new house'. Celebrate the founding of your dynasty with a suitably smart new family heirloom. We will help you to create a dinner service that your grandchildren's children will cherish in centuries to come.


Golden eagles or grey monograms?Whiskers on kittens or raindrops on roses? Your wish is our command.


The brilliant British invention that is bright white, super thin, elegant and, remarkably, the most chip-resistant type of pottery.


Display your British wares with pride knowing that everything has come from within a 10-mile radius in Stoke-on-Trent.


Since about 1799 bone china has been famous as a particularly English porcelain. Exported worldwide from the earliest days of its creation, it was the new and fashionable choice for the very best of ceramic wares. 

For some, the revelation that bone china actually contains animal bone may come as a surprise.

While it may not be vegan, bone china is very sustainable. Famed for its elegance and translucency, it is often assumed that bone china must be fragile. It is one of the hardiest ceramic materials available, however, and is a great deal more chip-resistant than eathenware or other types of pottery.

Our bone china will survive decades of family feasts. It is dishwasher-friendly (unless you go for gold), and happy to be used day in, day out.

Working with a bespoke printers like GG Print or Kinship Press? We would be delighted to collaborate on your design and transfer your invitation artwork. 

Togther we will ensure that you get your dream wedding list - at the Wedding Present Company, or elsewhere!