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Wedding China

A new set of china for your new life together

A new set of china to celebrate the beginning of married life is a timeless and beautiful tradition, and one that Xavier celebrates.

Xavier means 'new house', and every newly-married couple needs a few beatiful bits and pieces to start their life together. Our special twist is to provide you with a dinner service that is unique to your relationship.

Personalised dinner services were once the preserve of royalty, but not anymore. At Xavier we can create bespoke tableware with a meaningful design unique to you as a couple. 

You could:
  • entwine your initials in the centre of a clean white plate
  • replicate the border from your bespoke wedding stationery (we are delighted to work with illustrators and printers like Kinship Press and GG Print)
  • replicate antique family china for your new home
  • back-stamp your plates with a wedding date, or put it front and centre so that your husband never forgets an anniversary again.

With endless personalisation options you can make sure that your china is as unique as your relationship, and means something special to you both.

Of course, the best thing of all is that you won’t be choosing between beauty and practicality. Our bone china will survive decades of family feasts. It is slimmer and more elegant than other kinds of porcelain or pottery, but also stronger and less likely to chip. It is dishwasher friendly (unless you go for gold), and happy to be used day in, day out.

Finally, and most importantly, we will keep your design safe so that replacement plates can be ordered at any time without the original set-up costs.