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White bone china tableware
Pure White - Gilded - Xavier China UK
Pure White - Gilded - Xavier China UK
White bone china tableware
White bone china dinner plate
White bone china tableware

Gilded Classic White tableware


Side Plate (16.5cm)
Rimmed Soup Bowl (22cm)
Pudding Plate (21cm)
Dinner Plate (26cm)
Charger Plate (32cm)
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Add a dash of gold to your classic white bone china tableware. These plates are the glitzy relatives of the quintessential household necessity: a classic white bone china dinner set.

All our bone china plates are made in England. Mix and match across our tableware collections to create your own bespoke collection of complementary bone china dinnerware.


  • Washing: our gilded bone china dinner plates are dishwasher-safe for occasional use only. Xavier recommends hand-washing gilded plates for long term shine.
  • Dimensions: to read more about our sizes and shapes please click here
  • Made in England from fine bone china

About bone china

Known for its translucent elegance, bone china is the strongest china available and the least likely to chip. This makes it the perfect canvas for family dining.

Mix and match across our complementary collections to create your own bespoke collection of elegant tableware.


  • Side: the smallest member of the family, perfect for cupcakes, cheese and bread. It's petit size fits snugly to the left of your forks for a formal dinner.
  • Pudding: aka the 'toast plate'. Your breakfast classic, also perfect for a slice of treacle tart. 
  • Rimmed Soup Bowl: the most elegant way to serve soup with a wide scoop and classic rim. Good for quick curries or pasta on a weeknight. 
  • Dinner: a dinner plate.
  • Charger: the biggie for when you want to show off. Can be used as a giant plate or a placemat. 


Please be aware that Xavier China products are made to order in Stoke on Trent and may take up to six weeks to arrive.